Earn esBIT by using Bitonite

esBIT tokens cannot be purchased, but are exclusively earned internally on the platform. Bitonite customers as well as distribution partners receive esBIT tokens by using Bitonite products. esBIT is an internal platform token that can be converted into real BIT tokens. There are different epochs in which Bitonite users are rewarded with esBIT tokens. Phases in which tokens are given away are defined as Epoch 1, 2, and 3.

EsBIT Earning Opportunities

  • Copytrading balance increase

  • Purchase of Academy

  • Sales revenue through Profitshare, Entryfees, Staking, and Farm

How are esBIT converted to BIT tokens?

EsBIT can be converted to BIT by depositing BIT tokens 1:1 with the same sum of EsBIT and vesting them. In doing so, it is not necessary to deposit the entire sum of EsBIT received with BIT and one could also deposit less BIT to convert, for example, 50% of the received EsBIT to BIT. Learn more

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