Affiliate Program

Copytrading and BIT Ecosystem

The Bitonite affiliate program is based on an entry fee and profit share model. Entry fees cover the service fee of the platform, for which affiliates receive a direct commission of 50%. The remaining 50% will be used for buyback and burn in version 2. Profit share is generated whenever customers earn profits and affiliates receive commissions. These commissions are paid out in either Bitcoin or USDT.

The amount of the entry fee depends on the amount of the investment and ranges from 12.5% to 0%. 50% of this goes into Buyback and Burn and 50% is divided among 3 levels as follows:

Level 1: 25% Level 2: 15% Level 3: 10%

Copytrading commissions are rewarded in addition to BTC and USDT, further with esBIT (in epochs), which can be converted into BIT.

BIT Ecosystem

In the BIT ecosystem, affiliates receive their commissions partly in BIT and partly in esBIT, which ensures healthy growth of the BIT ecosystem. By converting their esBIT to BIT, customers of the respective affiliate provide commissions in BIT; affiliates also receive additional BIT tokens to their BTC or USDT earnings when selling products on the platform.

In Epoch 1, all customers and affiliates receive a one-time snapshot. While in Epoch 2 and 3, affiliate partners receive daily esBIT based on their earned affiliate commissions.

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