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Distribution of Rewards

Rewarding Options

Rewards in the BIT token ecosystem are distributed in different ways to Bitonite users and affiliates. There are two main types of rewards: EsBIT rewards and BIT rewards. EsBIT rewards are usually given for passive activities on Bitonite and serve to increase the total amount of BIT tokens on the public market. BIT rewards, on the other hand, are given to users or distribution partners who perform active services to earn these rewards.

A detailed list of earning opportunities in both options can be found here:

Platform earnings in USDT & BTC are not included in this summary

BIT Rewards

  • Learn & Earn

    -> Quiz Takers

  • Product Purchases -> Affiliates

  • Conversion from esBIT to BIT -> Affiliates

  • Staking -> User

  • Farm -> User

Rewards in BIT can be realized at any time or used for the conversion from esbit to BIT.

EsBIT Belohnungen

  • Epoch 1 - 3

    -> Copytrading Users and Affilates

  • Learn & Earn

    -> Buyers und Affiliates

  • Entryfees into copytrading -> Affiliates

  • Profitsharing -> Affiliates

  • Staking -> Affiliates

  • Farm -> Affiliates

EsBIT rewards must first be converted to BIT to realize them.



Copytrading balance increase between Epochs

Learn and earn participation (Academy)

Learn and earn purchase (Academy)





Entryfees and Profitshares

When selling products

When customers convert itBIT to BIT

When customers use LP pools

When customers stake

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