When withdrawing from the Farm, 2.5% fees are charged on the profits, which are used for Buyback & Burn.


7.5% of the original token supplies (7,500,000 BIT) will be distributed to users who stake their BIT tokens. In every BNB Smart Chain block, 0.05 BIT will be generated and allocated to the stakers.

Staking Rewards

  • Stake BIT to earn BIT.

Additional benefits will be in the future:

  • Less entry fee charges for more BIT staked.

  • More distribution commission for more BIT staked.

  • Discounts on products.

Distribution Mechanism

In each BSC block (3 seconds per block), there are 0.05 BIT tokens. A total of 4320 BIT tokens are distributed daily to the staking pool.



TotalStakedAmount: Assuming 100,000 BIT is staked

BITRewardsyearly: 4320 * 365 = 1,576,800

APR: 1,576,800 / 100,000 * 100 = 1576.8 %

Can I withdraw anytime?

Once a withdrawal request is made, Stakers receive their tokens immediately.

How is the fee recorded?

The fee of 2.5% is sent to the Burn Address for every claim on the newly earned BIT tokens. This process is automatic and will be published monthly with the community.

How can I stake?

You can stake by depositing your BIT tokens into the Staking Contract on the Staking page. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Staking page on Bitonite.

  2. Invest your BIT tokens into the Staking.

  3. Receive rewards in BIT.

When will I receive the profits?

You will receive your profits credited with every new BSC block, which should usually happen every 3 seconds. You can withdraw your rewards and initial investment from the staking at any time.

How does reinvest work?

Reinvest works by withdrawing your earned BIT tokens from staking and reinvesting them back into staking. There is also an auto-compound staking pool that you can use for this purpose.

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