Time windows of distribution periods

70% of the total token supply (70,000,000 $BIT) will be distributed to Bitonite users over three epochs based on a multiplier formula that rewards a combination of copy-trading customers and sales partners.

The largest proportion will be received by participants in the first epoch, with 17% of the token supply (17,000,000 esBIT) being distributed to early users in the form of a snapshot.

EpochsStart Date End DateDistribution













"The remaining amount of esBIT from Epoch 1 & 2 will be automatically transferred to Epoch 3 and distributed over several years. "

Period distribution metrics

Epoch 1: (before launch)

In total, 17% of the total token supplies will be distributed fairly, taking into account a special formula for early copy trading users and partners.

Epoch 2: (during launch)

  • Each CopyTrading customer receives a daily payout in esBIT of 1/60 of the originally invested amount.

  • There will be a four-fold payout of the amount that affiliates received as commission.



  • User A has invested 10,000$ in Copytrading

  • After 24 hours, User A receives 166$ in esBIT (1/60)

  • After 60 days, User A has received 10,000$ in esBIT Affiliate


  • User A was invited and invested 10,000$ in copytrading

  • Affiliate receives his entry fee commission credited of 125$

  • At the same time, Affiliate receives 500$ in esBIT

  • If copytrading profits are made, the affiliate receives 4 times his commission in esBIT

Epoch 3: (after launch)

  • Every CopyTrading customer receives a daily payout equal to 1/365 of the originally invested amount.

  • There is a double payout of the amount received by affiliates as commission.

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